About BlockBust

BlockBust was created by experienced developers in the advertising industry. Recognizing the need for publishers to recover revenue being lost to ad blocking software, they were inspired to build a solution. This is the story of BlockBust.

Ad blocking is steadily threatening publishers of all sizes, making a major dent in their advertising revenue and compromising their business models. Adobe and PageFair estimate ad blocking will cause publishers in the United States to lose as much as $20.3 billion in 2016.

As expert advertising technology developers, we understand how ad blocking works, and we know publishers can make simple, but powerful changes to restore their advertising revenue. We created BlockBust to help publishers stay ahead of ad blockers by identifying the ads being blocked on their site and showing them precisely how to fix it where possible. In turn, publishers are no longer at the mercy of ad blockers. They can preserve their advertising revenue and thrive.

While we believe that publishers deserve to earn revenue from their advertising, we also recognize that ad blockers aren't the problem. The real issue is invasive, excessive advertising that diminishes user experience. We need to work together to uphold a new and improved set of advertising guidelines, which is why BlockBust supports the IAB's push toward LEAN, ad-light monetization. Make a difference by joining us as advocates for advertising technology that balances reach, scale, and moderation so publishers and advertisers can truly thrive.

Are you looking to transition to a better advertising experience? Visit Tiller.com. Using BlockBust alongside Tiller, publishers can test and optimize ad-light versions of their website as a long-term solution, and mitigate revenue lost to ad block.